So, for the record, I am aware that I'm probably boring the living hell out of my readers (reader?) out there, but my dream recall has been nil lately. What can you do?

1. (over Thanksgiving weekend) We watched Knocked Up again, which always seems to be followed by a pregnancy-related dream for yours truly. This dream was strange for me because no one in it, myself included, seemed to have any adverse reaction to the fact that I was pregnant. My parents and sisters were really amped about the situation. They occupied their time with pitching boy and girl names to me and oohing over the prospect of buying baby clothes. I had no anxiety or depression over the bun in the oven, as I would were I to be impregnated in real life (i.e., there goes that whole career in medicine thing). Instead, I was busy, running around to obtain all of the appropriate accoutrement that one must have for infants. And while I seemed largely indifferent to the tiny life burgeoning within me, I was catching a bit of the baby fever from my family. Also interesting to note: there was no father present in the dream. I don't know who he was, since he never came up at all.

2. (last night) Monsters are chasing me through a city which seems similar to New York. I am running all out, but I begin to get that ooky dream feeling of "I can't run fast enough," and the monsters are getting ever closer to me. These monsters are assumed to be an alien race, as they've been branded ETs by the media. Unfortunately for us humans, the monsters have all the intellectual acumen of the Jurassic Park velociraptors. They've got no problems opening doors, unlocking locks, and manipulating other man-made objects. Even more unfortunately, the monsters have a nasty habit of cracking human skulls and sucking out the contents with a proboscis-like appendage. I'm reflecting on the nature of these creatures while I run, which is why I've got the above information, I suppose. However, the dream ended in my sudden awakening just as the monsters were at my heels, and so we'll never know how the species fared (or even how I fared) after this particular dream's invasion.


R said...

at least you are still posting. since i reformatted my computer, I havent had MS word or photoshop at home, hence no posting. Plus, all of my dreams have been leaving my head after a few minutes of waking so it's hard to log them.