I am at my apartment. It's the dream version of where I live, meaning that I have twice the space, the apartment is spotless, and everything in it is generally spiffier. Vito's status as primary pet is compromised, as I have a unnecessarily large pride of cats in my apartment. It seems as if most of them aren't mine, however. There are only two cats with collars; one is Vito and the other is a black and gray tabby named Turbo. I am surprised by the presence of all of these cats, and I quickly realize that the one with the "Vito" collar is not Vito, after all. I chase down every male orange tabby until I find the real Vito. Meanwhile, three cats have cornered a small mouse behind my radiator and are playing with it. My mom, who suddenly appears in the dream, is terribly disgusted by the mouse-hunting behavior.