I am in high school, and I'm dating a certain individual from my graduating class. It's interesting that my brain hooked me up with this dude. I considered him very attractive when I met him, but upon better exposure to his personality, he turned out to be undatable. He was nice enough, but egocentricity and a habit of pointing out how he went to the best parties (where he got sooooo drunk, high, etc.) made for boring conversation in the long run. Anyway, as a couple, we're the touchy-feely type, making out in the hallways and simpering sweet nothings at one another.

We're interrupted twice during the school day resultant to bomb threats. We dutifully file out of the classrooms on both occasions. I am, of course, obsessively hanging over my boyfriend. Along with our friends, we're conspiring to escape the campus while they're searching the building for explosives. Our efforts are in vain, however, and we're herded back inside to live through the monotony that is another day at high school.


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