I am with Scott in New York City. We're heading to a special sneak preview of Emeril Lagasse's new restaurant uptown. It's built upon a high-class brew pub concept. As we walk into the restaurant, we're awestruck at the number of taps available. There are tappers lining the entire length of the bar, and each dining table has its own tap, as well. Apparently, the idea is for people to pick a brew while making reservations; they'll be seated at a table with a tap of their beer of choice. We run into Emeril at this private sneak preview, and he tells us that 1500 tap and bottled beers will be served at the place. I am embarrassed because, at some point in the evening, I've dirtied my hands and feet -- in fact, they're almost black in color. This is mortifying, as I've noticed my messy appearance right before meeting the big man himself.

Note: Emeril irritates me in real life, but it would be sweet if he took my restaurant concept and ran with it.