I only remember random snippets from last night's dream, so the descriptions below are very disconnected.

- Kori is driving a yellow school bus around Madison. It's an old clunker, and it creaks and groans as we drive it down the road. She's supremely irritated, since it's been a total bitch to find parking for her new wheels. We end up parking the beast so that we're blocking half of a Budget Bicycle driveway.
- I'm with my mom and a few other people. We're getting out of our family van in front of a bank. In front of the building is a man with a huge display of lollipops. There are bunches and bunches of Dum Dums arranged in little kiosks all around the table at which he's sitting. This is like a divine intervention of sorts, since I've got a horrible metal taste in my mouth that won't go away. However, the man with thousands of lollipops flatly refuses my request for some candy; he's only authorized to give Dum Dums away to people who apply for a loan. I am irritated, since he's obviously got plenty to spare.
- There's a wide-eyed freshman sitting next to me in some discussion section. We're nearing the end of class, and she's stressing out, worried that she won't make it to her next class on time. For some reason, she won't listen to me, though I've assured her several times that the building for her next class is directly across the street from us.

I woke up a five a.m. after this strange dream concluded. Sadly, I know that the one dream element I really wanted to remember for the blog was lost when I went back to sleep.