1. I and a number of my close friends are superheroes. My powers are flight and super strength. Sadly, I can't remember the superpowers of any of my friends, except that many of them could fly, as well. The catch with our superpowers is that they're effective at full strength only initially; over time, the powers "fatigue" and one must rest to recharge powers to full strength again. For some reason, my power of flight never "fatigues," and I have a great time flying all over the city (which I think was supposed to be New York City).

2. When reach for my wallet to make a purchase, I realize that my debit card is missing. After a cursory search, I can't find the card anywhere. I'm nervous that it's been stolen. Worse yet, it's a Sunday, and the credit union is most definitely closed. I try the credit union's number anyway and, miraculously, a man named Tim answers. He is able to cancel my debit card and issue me a new one, to be mailed on Monday. Later that day, I'm on a spacious yacht belonging to the president of the credit union. I tell her of Tim's great service, and I thank her for being available to solve major problems on Sundays. I leave her to explore the yacht with a group of friends. On the lower level, we discover a number of stripper poles. We leave the yacht, wondering about the secret life of the credit union president.