1. (Sat., 9/15) I am participating in a local walk supporting children with Down Syndrome. About halfway through the walk, someone informs me that he knows of another participant who hails from my hometown. He brings over the participant to meet me. I look up to see my old friend, Patrick M. Patrick went to my elementary school, but his parents went through a messy divorce when we were in middle school, and he ended up moving away to who knows where. He has Down Syndrome. It's strange to see him so many years later; he must be about 24, but his cognitive function is the same as when I knew him in elementary school. We were close friends, yet I'm still surprised that he remembers me. I cry.

2. (Sun., 9/16) I am walking into my history discussion when I see many people pulling out typed papers. Apparently, the questions that the TA emailed out, which I had thought were some sort of agenda for discussion, were homework questions due at the start of the period. I am experiencing that sinking feeling associated with complete forgetfulness of an assignment, and I'm extremely anxious. (I can't believe that I'm still having "I didn't do my homework!" dreams. Hopefully, these dreams will stop someday.)