I am at work, except for my lab appears to be a mixture of how it actually appears in real life and a touch of my high school's main office complex. I am annoyed, because I would like to get myself off, but I can't get a moment alone. Many people who shouldn't be in my lab are working for us. They are mostly people who I went to high school with, which I find totally maddening. These are individuals who shouldn't ever be working in such an independent, nationally-recognized lab; they are unmotivated, lazy, and ask all the stupid questions (They are not my favorite people from high school, if you haven't caught on.). Although the lab's look and employee composition is different, I apparently am still the go-to-girl for questions, so I find myself surrounded by idiots when I'd just like to have some alone-time.

I finally escape from my pestering coworkers, find a bathroom, and get down to business. Though it was a stressful dream, at least it had a happy ending (pun, sorry).


R said...

the post was funny enough, but the tags "lab, sex" made me lose composure. well played.