I want to throw a party. Bizarrely, instead of holding my fete at my apartment or at Courtney's place, I decide to party at Scott's. This is a bad idea for several reasons. First, everyone who attends has to commute to the party from
Madison. Furthermore, Scott lives in a building with many families and children. The music from my party is so loud that we're almost immediately called in to the cops. When the police arrive, I go out in the hallway to talk to them. I'm nervous, as there are several underage drinkers at my party; I don't want them or Scott to get busted. We negotiate a deal, I turn the music down, and the fuzz leaves.

Later in the evening, I hear a knock at the door. When I answer, a gangly, dopey-looking kid nervously says hello and shoves some papers into my hands. He's handed me his resume; he's applying for the opening at my lab, and he somehow tracked me down at Scott's. I have a stern talking-to with this kid and send him packing. Who would track down a prospective employer at
11:30 during a weekend?