I am in a Sea World-like aquarium park. Although I've loved visiting places like this since I was a child, I've never been to a aquarium where they keep larger animals, especially mammals. Most people are fascinated with the orcas on site, while I'm much more interested in the dolphins. As they jump and dive, I notice one smaller dolphin in trouble. He slumps listlessly in a shallow area of the tank, and neither the trainers nor the other dolphins have noticed him lying there. Hurdling the barrier between us, I enter the tank and head straight for the incapacitated dolphin. My action does not go unnoticed; though I've obviously broken the rules by joining the animals in their enclosure, I have brought an important issue to the trainers' attention. I exit the tank to resounding applause and am thanked profusely by park officials.

As a result of the incident, the park allows me to come and go as I please, free of charge. I visit my dolphin often, and I realize that, strangely, I am beginning to understand the squeaks he throws my way. I also find that he understands English and can respond to my many questions via his squeaks. I am excited about my new talent but in a strange way, I'm also supremely disappointed. If I tell anyone about this, there's a 90% chance that they'll think I've gone completely insane. However, I am definitely able to confirm that dolphins are an extremely intelligent, if not the most intelligent species on the planet.