I am in some sort of post-apocalyptic future. Everything looks similar to the movie 28 Days Later -- no one's on the streets, etc. I've got some sort of skateboard-looking device that I can ride faster than a person can run, and it's helped me escape from undesirables several times. I and a few other people, including Scott, are hiding out in an apartment that looks a little like Scott's, with the sliding glass door. One bad guy (they weren't exactly like 28 Days Later -- no "rage", just bad guys) has stolen my cell phone. I catch him with it in the bathroom, tackle him and pin him down in the tub, forcing him to fork it over. It is good to recover the cell phone, as we were teaching ourselves to make radio broadcasts, which hardly seems like the most useful method of 2-way communication.

I also dreamt later that I worked in a brothel. I think this was an extension of the same dream, as everything was unsafe. If you went outside, you had to sneak around. In the brothel, though, people were generally safe from the outside world. I remember only one client. He was using me to figure out if he was gay or not. He was gay.