I went to somebody's bat mitzvah. I've actually never been to a bat or bar mitzvah before, so my subconscious made it like a cross between a birthday party and prom. Also, during the ceremony before the party, I was in temple with a few friends. I've also never been in a temple before, so in my dream, it was like a Catholic church, except there were no crosses or stained glass, and it was much better lit. The person being bat mitzvah'ed had to read out of the Torah, so I got to hear what my brain thinks Hebrew sounds like.

I have no idea what made this dream happen last night, but it seems like it was a real creative step for my brain.

Edit: Courtney has pointed out that I have been to a reform temple once with her, so my brain is probably drawing from that experience.


CNJ said...

You've been in a temple before - Hillel! And you heard a ton o' 'brew there.

That's what I call it. That's lingo.