I've still been able to recall some of my dreams, but midterms and laziness have kept me from writing them down. Here are some from the last few days.

1. (last night) I'm riding my bike around the city. It feels a lot like the freedom and lightness you feel when you're flying in a dream, and I can't get enough. However, I've got some homework to finish before the next day of school, so I have to get back home. I head to the bike rack across from my apartment and am about to struggle (as I always do) to lock the bike up correctly when a young boy running by grabs the "u" part of my u-lock and takes off down State Street. I am furious, and I follow my first instinct; I chase that brat down and get my lock back. He appears to be embarrassed and runs away from me. However, as I walk back to the bike rack, I see the kid jump into a truck parked in the nearby cul-de-sac. His father is throwing my bike in the truckbed. They speed off. When I call the cops with his license plate number, they thank me, telling me that this scam has been going on for months.

2. I am at work in an office building, where I am
apparently filling some sort of clerical position during the summer. My boss is a singularly creepy individual; it's almost like he's a vampire dressing up to play human. There are no fangs or anything else that would be a dead giveaway, but he's pale and reclusive, preferring to work in an almost totally dark office (which seems as if it would be less than conducive to completion of said work). Today, he asks me to clean out his aquarium, which is placed in a window so that the fish don't have to adopt his light-disavowing habits. The aquarium is almost as creepy as the boss. Big beakers have been placed in the tank, floating above the water level, and they're filled with strange food products. One beaker's full of marinara sauce, while another has a couple of raw eggs in the bottom. Obviously, all of this food is rotting in the sun, and while fish don't really express emotion in a detectable way, I'm pretty sure that they're less than happy with their environmental situation. I'm unsure if I should just clean the tank, or if I should also clean up these bizarre food beakers. In an effort to reduce overall office creepiness, I throw out the beakers and clean the aquarium. My boss compliments me on my cleaning skills, and I fear that I'll be valued more as a maid than as an intellectual equal. I hate working for this misogynistic vampire guy, dammit. (Weird dream, huh?)

3. I'm buying a small bag of pot from a local dealer. He tells me to weigh out the bag on my own, and when I go to use the scale, I am positive that it's rigged to display a heavier than actual value. I am shocked that my supplier is trying to scam me, so I confront him. As he makes a claim for his innocence, I hear sirens outside his apartment. I take my suspiciously nlight bag, throw some money down, and sprint for the back door. If what I think is about to go down does, I might as well get some weed out of the situation.