A friend of mine who's about to graduate but has no real career direction tells me that she's going to Thailand for a year. I'm happy for her, but I'm curious to hear what she'll be doing while in southeast Asia. "Plumbing!" she exclaims excitedly. Now I'm confused. I ask her why the hell she's going to be a plumber, as she's got no experience nor interest in the field; she replies that it was the only viable job she could find. That's a ludicrous claim, so I don't believe her. Our back-and-forth banter on the subject turns into an argument, and I'm accusing her of wasting her twenties dicking around when she should be focusing on career development. I let her know that someday her parents, richer than most, won't pay for her preferred lifestyle based on travel. She leaves in a flurry of anger. I sulk, determined that I'll ultimately be this argument's winner.