1. (Nap, 9/30) I realize that someone has taken out my garbage. While this is a pleasant surprise, it's very strange. Even weirder are the two new receptacles placed next to the normal garbage can. Suddenly, my parents are next to me, smiling and proud. They explain that one of the new cans is there because they thought my current recycling bin was far too diminutive. The second can is the cat litter equivalent of a diaper genie. One is supposed to throw cat refuse into the bin and seal it off in the depths of the bin with a twist. I am glad that they helped me, but very confused by the odd gifts.

2. (10/1) Michael Franti and Spearhead (whom I saw at the Orpheum last night) are playing a free outdoor show at the Terrace. It seems like most of the student body has turned out for the event, and people are getting rowdy -- there is a lot of the jumping that Franti always calls for. I've come to the concert to meet up with Scott, who had some sort of meeting in the late afternoon. There's no hope finding him in all of the chaos of the show, so after they play East to the West, I head back to the apartment. As it turns out, Scott never went to the Terrace; he played with Vito for a couple of hours instead.