I am hiking to the top of a snow-covered hill. The land around me is covered in evergreen forest. I got the sense that I was trying to get away from people I was with, but these detail are lost to the dream. When I reach the top of the hill, I notice that someone has built a ski run down the hill and right into their backyard, complete with a ramshackle lift. As I am atop the hill thinking about the best way to get back home, a man on horseback rides up to me. He asks if he can give me a ride somewhere. I say yes, and he immediately asks me if I need help mounting the horse. Initially, I decline, but I realize he's riding saddleless. After one poor attempt to jump onto the horse without the use of a stirrup (and terrifying the horse in the process), he hoists me up himself. We trot down the hill.

For no discernible reason, we switch locations abruptly, and we're now riding through Sarah's dorm. As we ride down her hallways to the elevator, I see my mom and yell a hello her way. As we wait on horseback for the elevator (??), mama approaches me, furious. She tells me that it was very rude to ride by her without stopping to chat. I am very embarrassed that she'd lecture me like a child in front of my horse-owning companion.