I am in the front of what appears to be an office building, with large revolving doors and floor-to-ceiling windows. I'm having a meeting at a circular table with a group of friends; I remember Scott, Courtney, and Kori being there, specifically, but there were others, including my sisters. I'm sitting at the table, facing away from the building's glass facade, and I've begun to conduct the meeting. While talking, I glance over at Kori, on the opposite side of the table. On her face is a look of genuine astonishment and fear. I turn toward the windows to see what garners such a look.

It's difficult to describe what I saw outside the building. What's happening is similar to the jungle stampede scene from the film Jumanji, except that animals aren't the only participants. Basically, every dangerous living thing imaginable is running amok, destroying the city outside. Looters, druggies, and guerilla soldiers are breaking into buildings left and right, gunning down the big cats attempting to stalk them. Every human outside is bloodthirstily brandishing a weapon. Every other predator in the animal kingdom is on the hunt. This scene is bloody and terrifying. As if this wasn't bizarre enough, I even see the clown from It shoot me a maniacal grin as it passes by the building's entrance.

I arm the meeting's attendees with the automatic weapons I handily stockpiled in the office. Strike teams are organized to lock all possible entrances to the building and subsequently guard them. Scott leads the first strike team, while I head up the second. I remember taking action to secure certain areas of the building violently, ensuring that no hostiles remained inside. The remaining people, those untrained in combat, are brought to the basement to begin working on marksmanship (Courtney's in charge of these lessons).

This dream abruptly ended while I was considering if I'd stockpiled enough food to survive the inital showdown in this post-apocalyptic reality.


sbuck14 said...

Damn girl, that dream is fucked up. Maybe God is trying to tell you that the rapture is coming...

I am flattered that I got to be a "squad leader" though

CNJ said...

Damn straight! I would totally teach marksmanship lessons. That is so something I would do.

God, I'm a badass, even in Julia's dreams.

Jules said...

It was actually pretty cool to be on a strike team in my dreams. I think if I watched more of The Shield, I would dream about stuff like this more often.

But CJ, you were definitely good with a shotgun.