1. A great poli sci professor I have taken a class with is leaving. I'm saddened, because Sarah will never get to take a class with him here at UW (So far, all this is actually true). As I'm walking somewhere outside, I run into Kristina, who's just coming from the professor's going-away party. She points me in the right direction, and I head to his party. The party ends up being a large-scale kegger, and I find and say hello/final goodbyes to my professor. I find myself very attracted to him at this party. However, he's got a wife and two kids, and is as good as gold, so I'm not going to push it into crossing the line with him, even if he'd be into it.

2. My second dream was something about working in a research lab that studies fingerprints. I fucked up some sort of lab technique and my grad student was all over my ass about it. That's all I remember.

3. I'm in my dentist's office at home for an appointment. We're about ready to get started, and the dentist takes out one of those little mouth mirrors and checks me out. To my horror, I remember that prior to going to the office, I've been munching on Cheese-Its, and they're stuck everywhere in my teeth. I go back to my house to brush my teeth (don't know why I couldn't have brushed them in the dentist's office). By the time I get back, the hygienist informs me that we've got to get going; I've only got an hour left on my scheduled appointment. She's smoking hot and wearing an extremely low-cut shirt. As she's getting everything ready for the dentist, her boobs keep falling out of her shirt. When I inform her of this, far from being embarrassed, she starts doing a little sexy dance for me. I am flabbergasted. Suddenly, about four or five photographers with professional cameras bust in and inform me that they've got a great picture they have to take. They take a very high-resolution picture of a fly sitting on my chest and run out again. Then, the dentist comes in the room, and everything about the appointment returns to mundane normality.