1. I am dating two men. One is my old physics TA, very sweet and somewhat awkward. The other is nowhere near as nice to me, but he's a hundred times more attractive. Unbelievable-looking, really. I'm seeing them both behind each other's backs, and, unfortunately, physics guy catches me with gorgeous guy. He pulls me aside and tells me that he's not going to put up with this; I've got to make a decision. I remember feeling very upset, but I didn't make a decision in the dream. Interesting moral dilemma, though.

2. Though I'm not a member of the Hoofers sailing club, I've convinced one of my friends who is a member to loan me one of their small sailboats. I take the boat out onto
Lake Monona. It's a beautiful, windy day, and I'm having a fantastic time on the water. However, given my klutzy tendencies, this sailing skill that I'm suddenly displaying is bound not to last. I get too close to the shore and crash the boat into some rocks, leaving behind a couple of pieces of sailboat that look, um, important for continued sailboat functioning. In fact, I'm barely able to get the boat back to the Hoofers dock. The people in charge are furious with me and my friend. They send us out to the crash site with scuba gear and assign us to look for pieces of sailboat wreckage. Unfortunately, I'm not certified for scuba, and I'm apprehensive about getting the bends. I refuse to scuba without training, leaving my pissed-off Hoofers friend to do all the grunt work.