1. I am with Sarah and her daughter at a public pool. I don't feel any older, but Sarah looks about ten years older, so it seems as if we have taken a jump into the future. While lounging on my chair, I happen to notice an attractive man at the pool with a young boy. He looks very similar to Scott, but it's a different guy. When I tell him that he has a beautiful son, he laughs and corrects me, saying that the kid is his nephew. We chat for a while, and we're clicking nicely, but Sarah has to get going, so I leave.

A few weeks later, I'm at a potluck function for Sarah's daughter's elementary school. I've made some sort of salmon casserole that looks just as horrible as anything else at a potluck. Imagine my surprise when I run into the same guy at the potluck; apparently, my niece and his nephew attend the same school. As Sarah, her daughter, and I are getting into our cars to leave, he comes over to talk to me. We're hitting it off once again, and I move the salmon casserole to the backseat so that he can sit down next to me. (I had a semi-lucid moment here, because I was pushing my dream self to give him my number.) He tells me that he has to take off, and I give him my number. We have an awkward moment of silence in the car, because neither of us wants to leave it at that.

I think I was still channeling that strange tenth dimension video last night, because in the third segment of this dream, I was in a higher dimension with the guy. We are extremely comfortable with one another, as if we have been dating for some time. We feel flat in this dream, as if we're two-dimensional, but this higher dimension is characterized by bright swirling colors and a lack of linear time. Though we never slept together in this dimension, we were having a very passionate, cinematic make-out session. It was bizarre, given the scenery.

2. I'm at a special meeting of my communicative disorders class. When I arrive, I'm surprised that there are probably 200 people at the meeting, since there are only about 40 people in the class. My professor is up at the front, telling us to get into partners. I partner up with Stephanie from my high school. For some reason, all of the attendees have brought a dessert to pass, so everyone is snacking on scotcheroos and chocolate chip cookies while listening to instructions. I begin to realize that this meeting isn't for my class; it's actually a meeting for all those interested in volunteering in the com dis department. I feel guilty for partnering up, since I don't have time in my schedule for yet another lab. When I tell the professor of my mistake, she stares me down. It's pretty obvious that I haven't been paying much attention in her class (It's not my fault that the neuroanatomy information she presents is meant for com dis grad students and is therefore extraordinarily simplistic and boring.).