I only remember one tiny snippet from my dream last night, but I'll blog it, as I'm known for my great subtlety. If you know me, you'll likely be amused.

A friend's boyfriend is following me around my apartment. He's getting underfoot the way a small child or animal would. I think he's trying to help me with something, as this guy's been sucking up to me for months now. Little does he know he's trying to dig himself out of a whole a mile deep and a foot wide. I turn around to face him and, nose to nose, in my politest voice, I tell him to fuck off.

(If I would've gone lucid in this dream, what a time I would have enjoyed! Sadly, it was not to be; I didn't get to rant to this dude like I've always wanted to in real life.)


R said...

god you crack me up. i just wanted to remind you of that.

i have been too tired to remember dreams recently. hopefully that will change.

Jules said...

I'm not surprised that you've been tired. When I sleep really hard, I usually don't remember dreams either.