1. I am with my immediate family members and Aunt Patty (my father's sister). We're walking through a very scenic rural area. I hear my father and Aunt Patty pointing out places as we pass and reminiscing about their youth. I figure that we must be in the Rouses Point area, where my father was raised. He points out his favorite place to swim as a kid and his father's fishing spot. We enter heavy woods, and, although it's midday, we can hardly see in front of our faces. My father and Aunt Patty lead the way, since they've obviously been through these woods many times before. After a good 15-minute hike, we emerge in Rouses Point; we've returned to civilization, kind of.

2. In my second dream, I was having my car repaired by an untrustworthy mechanic. Working as a one-woman Better Business Bureau, I aimed to catch him in the act. I hired a private investigator to track the mechanic's shady repairs and even shadier price inflations. I remember feeling incredibly self-satisfied, though there was no recompense for my suffering at his hand in the dream.