I am going out with one of my male friends in a large, unidentifiable city. He parks in a metered spot, informing me that we have to move the car by 6am the next morning. I am not amused.

We go into what at first appears to be a bar. However, it quickly becomes clear that this is not your run-of-the-mill bar scene. Everyone is there to have sex with others, and not in that subtler way that transpires in other bars. There are rooms out back of the bar to actually do it in. You just find your best option at the bar and head for the back.

I am amused by this, as someone appears to have taken the middleman out of one-night stands. Also, you never have to take anyone back to your apartment or give them your phone number as a nice gesture. It's understood that the whole point of the encounter is sex at this bar.

To give you one interesting visual of the characters at this bar, after walking in, I immediately noticed that there were several priests present in full dress. Shortly thereafter I realized that the priests were wearing platform shoes. As it turns out, the priests weren't there to judge the multitude of sinners present; they were non-seminarians playing dress-up at the sex bar. Yep, this is my subconscious.