I am babysitting for a mother with at least six children. They are all about three or four, at the run-around-and-be-a-little-terror stage of their development. It's a total nightmare. I can't keep up with them, and I'm just chasing them all around the damn place, trying to curb the destruction they're causing. The best part is, the mother is around, as well; neither she nor I can handle them alone, but, together, we're trying to keep everything under control.

I remember that I took the group for a walk outside at night. We had kids chasing other kids into the middle of city streets, kids grabbing belongings of mine (e.g., purse, shoes) and hiding them outdoors, kids crying because another one slapped them. It was enough to force yours truly into a vow of chastity.

In addition, a woman I strongly disliked in my high school days was around, judging my capability to care for the gaggle of children. She didn't help me at all, but just threw advice my way. This made me angrier than I already was, as I could've really used an extra pair of hands at this point in the babysitting assignment (In lieu of some superfluous, judgmental advice.).

(I was babysitting in my dream because I babysat for Kori's nieces last night. Also, I happened to see aforementioned hated woman yesterday. She was around, pushing people's buttons, as usual. Aargh.)