I'm getting back to my apartment after spending a Sunday night at Scott's apartment in Watertown. Much to my surprise, I don't live in my State Street apartment with Tiff, but in a larger apartment with all my old roommates except Katie. I'm not upset that I'm living with these particular people, but the place is a wreck. Even my room (I at least had my own room, thank God) is totally torn apart for some reason. All the artwork up on my walls has been moved around to different places in the apartment. Bridget's cooking pesto spaghetti in the kitchen and it's getting everywhere. I'm getting all worked up, because I don't have much time to undo this damage before I have to go to class. Briana pulls me aside and admits that this mess is driving her totally crazy, too. She calms me down.

For some reason, I had sex at the end of this dream. I don't remember who I was having sex with at all.

Earlier in the night, I also dreamt that I was a mobster (due to the fact that I watched The Sopranos last night before bed). I don't have details, but I'm pretty sure that I killed a few people without remorse.