This is a rehash from a few nights ago.

I am in my house in
Sparta. Much to our surprise, we find a baby gorilla in the house. It's about the size and weight of an average three-year-old. I'm pretty excited when we find this animal, as the primates on TV always seem like they'd be fun to play with. However, as soon as we pick this baby gorilla up, we realize it's going to be no picnic to deal with him. He's scratching and clawing at us, and as he squirms it becomes evident that he's not going to be a pleasant pet. We decide to leave him outside the house, which we manage to do with some difficulty. A few minutes later, we find another baby gorilla inside the house. This second animal is about as much trouble as the first to banish outside. Additionally, this gets us worried that mama gorilla has made the house her stomping grounds. As anyone who's seen a nature channel special on mothers and their young knows, this would be a bad situation, especially as we've forcibly removed several gorilla toddlers from the area. This ends up being an unfounded worry, however; we see mama gorilla playing with her babies outside a few minutes later. We then go around the house, locking all windows and doors. The gorillas have gotten much better at manipulating door handles and we don't want them getting in again.

I woke up several times during this night and therefore had a couple of unrelated dreams. One of them involved me being a member of SWAT about to stage a tactical assault on a building. Here's another, which I've got a little more detail on.

Scott and I are in some tropical city on the ocean, possibly in
Mexico. Neither of us speak the native language. We're walking around the city for a while, and then we decide to head to the beach to mingle with people. It's dusk, and the beach has become a gathering point for a bunch of out-of-towners. We find a group of 4-5 extremely attractive people (a mix of male and female) and approach them. They're English speakers, and we are quickly accepted and assimilated into their group. I'm feeling like these modelesque people are out of our league, but we go with the flow and as the sun sets, we run into the water for a little dip.